Johnny Green and The Greenmen-A Variety Showgroup
Johnny Green & The Greenmen

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Picture from the Batman TV series on the beach.
  • Best known for their one appearance on the Batman TV series titled “Jokes Up Surfs Under” and playing the music score on the show.
  • Seen in Life Magazine with Marilyn Monroe gracing the cover, August 8, 1964.
  • Featured band and main attraction at the World’s Fair held in New York in 1964 for the play “To Broadway with Love.”
  • Johnny and his Greenmen toured many countries playing for the President of the United States, King Constantine of Greece, and the Shah of Iran.
  • The group toured with The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and Bob Hope in Viet Nam.
  • Johnny Green & The Greenmen played the Grand Military Ball for President Nixon at the Los Angeles Times Building.
  • In 1967, Johnny Green & The Greenmen opened in the movie “The Ballad of Billie Blue” with Eric Estrada and performed the music soundtrack.
  • In 1969, Johnny Green & The Greenmen left the United States to play for the Shah of Iran. Both The Greenmen and the Shah decided the group would extend their stay for another year where they were the Shah’s personal musicians. They left to play for the President of Iraq in Baghdad for six months and then on to Beirut, Lebanon, to perform at the Casino de Lebanon.
  • Johnny Green & The Greenmen returned to New York to work on one of Holland America’s larger ships, the U.S.S. Ro
  • The Green & The Greenmen performed many shows in Las Vegas.

Click here to watch the fire-eating, green monster eat fire!

Current Band Members 2006
  • Johnny Green-Leader, Bass Guitar & Accordian, background vocals

  • Ricky Borr-Keyboard, Sax, Vocals

  • Lonnie Hafner-Guitar, Vocals

  • Willy Crayton-Drums, Vocals

  • Alicia Hegland-Vocalist
    Picture of Johnny Green and The Greenmen with Patriotic Bob Hope.
    Picture of Johnny Green signing a fan's autograph. Picture of the Greenmen with hot-looking Rhonda Marie. Picture of Johnny's latest album featuring the sultry Rhonda Marie Lackowski. Picture of Ricky Borr on keys. Picture of Willy on drums.
    Johnny Green playing his and Rhonda's favorite instrument--the accordian! Picture of Alfonso Amendola, Rhonda Marie's son, from the age of three years old, he is the youngest Greenmen ever to perform with the group. Picture of Johnny Green playing the bass guitar. Greenmen picture with Trish Hafner. Greenmen picture with Lead Vocalist Rhonda Marie Lackowski. Johnny Green trying to light Rhonda Marie Lackowski's fire. Picture of the Greenmen with Rhonda Marie as Sandra Dee at the Sheraton's Greaser Night in Saginaw, Michigan. Picture of the Greenmen with temporary singer, Julie Leathers. Picture of Johnny Green and the Greenmen with Kay Marie Fleck. Picture of The Greenmen with Kay Marie Fleck. Picture of The Greenmen with both Rhonda and Trish. Picture of The Greenmen with both Trish and Rhonda. Picture of The Greenmen featuring Rhonda Marie. Picture of The Greenmen in Frankenmuth, MI, Rhonda Marie's hometown! Lonnie on guitar.